Conceive, Believe, Achieve!

I am a Goddess, Giver, and Lover of Life. I believe we should all share, be generous and live your authentic life. I appreciate you and send blessings, love, and light to you. Tarot Scents started as a self-therapy to soothe my soul. Making candles was the beginning and piqued my interest in formulating perfumes. Tarot was a way to center my life after an experience that showed me the light. I put my three passions together to bring you a collection of scented candles, perfumes, conjure oils, crystals, bath salts, bontanical soaps, incense and tarot cards. Every card that I sell is in my personal collection of tarot and oracle cards. My candles are hand-poured, made with intentions and comprable to any designer candle. We use only the finest Coconut/Soy Tarot Scent perfumes and fragrance oils are exclusive. 

We also dontate to The Door, a NYC safe haven for teens.

You are beautiful, You are loved.